Sound box Dialer provide by Dialerking technologies

by Dialerking
Published: May 10, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

Sound Box Dialer is that it ensures perfect quality sales pitch by using sound bites. Once the predictive dialer connects to the customer, live agents do not speak directly to the customer. Sound Box Dialer offers a call center web based application which can help you to increase your productivity, It will give portabilities to your agents and people who can perform smarter and faster way in your teams. Instead, they would just click from the soundboard and let the Sound Box Dialer does all the talking in perfect English, based on market location.
It will gives more sales and more productivity by using your own sounds even if agents dont have much knowledge of language which you are using on calls.

We provide best soundbox dialer solution, which help to increase your sales.

Key features of Sound box :
• Web based application
• Broadcast and survey dialing
• Call Recording
• Scalable to Hundreds of seats

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