Pinky Promise

by Divya Kamerkar
Published: February 26, 2022 (3 months ago)

Welcome to Pinky Promise! Our mission is to help you take care of your reproductive health. If you want to know about periods, contraception, pregnancy, STIs, PCOS… you name it – Pinky-bot, our diagnostic chatbot will give you verified, accurate answers. We hate that you may feel like you are judged or that you get the wrong information so we compiled an exhaustive database to help in your diagnosis. This is completely free. How to start? Just message us on facebook messenger and we will get back immediately. Created by Divya Kamerkar (Wharton 2021, Yale 2014), Pinky Promise is designed with your confidentiality in mind. Divya is a biologist from Yale and holds a Global Health Fellowship. This database is her trying to reach-out to as many women as possible!