Know about and coinbase wallet extension

Published: February 25, 2022 (3 months ago)

Gate Technology’s mission is to serve the blockchain industry by providing secure and reliable products to consumers and companies around the world. Transparency, security & integrity are our main values. Gate Technology is the parent company to both Gate io and Wallet .io, both created to provide users with Gate io a secure, simple and fair trading platform as well as to safeguard assets and trading information. Currently, we provide trade, investment and digital wallet services of more than 200 digital assets. We offer quality service for millions of users from over 130 countries.

Those of you who are amazed by the services offered by Coinbase In. must be aware of the wallet service it provides users with. Well, the Coinbase wallet extension service is being used on a great level as people are given the opportunity to store their crypto assets without having to worry about their security. This self-custody wallet comes with different opportunities for users putting them in complete control of their private keys and letting them manage the wallet the way they want. However, to use this wallet service, you simply need to get the Coinbase wallet extension added to your web browser.