Get Clone of BTC to your wallet

by fake btc
Published: December 23, 2021 (4 weeks ago)


Finally here is the solution for getting BTC to your Wallet.

Without QR code or login.




Telegram:- Telegram: Contact @flasherbtcCreator



We did a long research on this FAKE/FLASHER/ BTC thing. Our Team spent almost 3months getting the


things clear about Flasher. You would be happy to know that yes there are flasher Exists in this Crypto world.


More Information:-


Telegram:- Telegram: Contact @flasherbtcCreator




More Information:-


Telegram:- Telegram: Contact @flasherbtcCreator


We know you guys got scammed many times to get easy BTC in your wallet Or just to make quick money you decided


to buy anything from anywhere but never got success in this because until now you might be just buying the only bluff


Because you didn’t know how this work.


After 3 months of research, we got to the conclusion that Flasher / Faker BTC does exist but They are not Fake They are real.


It is called Cloning of any unconfined transaction of BTC blockchain. Our System gives you the option to select


any transaction of BTC blockchain and take that amount in your any wallet AS transfer.

Once you select any unconfirmed transaction from our system ( Which is directly coming from BLOCKCHAINS ). After getting the transaction


our system allows you to send the same transaction to 4 Wallets. Remember it allows you to send to 4 wallets once you grabbed a transaction from the list to your wallet.

Steps How to Get BTC in your wallet from BLOCKCHAINS.

1 – Select Any transaction from the list ( This list get auto-updates from )

2 – After Selecting Transaction it asks where you want to get this BTC ( You need to give your BTC wallet address )


3 – It shows you how many wallets you can transfer / How many Confirmations it comes / How much time this clone going to stay in your wallet.

4-  Buy the clone and send it to any wallet

Note – a ) You can transfer 4 wallets, that’s the minimum wallet transfer limit of our clone system

b ) You don’t need to take any support It’s all life but still, we are here for you.

c ) Lifeline of Clone transaction is 24 Days.

d ) It works with every Wallet Address.

e ) If you are sending it to your friend, make sure it will be there only for 24 days. [ If you are dealing any business with your friend or some, you are responsible for everything. We do not guarantee after 24 days AND 4 wallet transfers.




Question 1: How We work?


Answer: After 3 months of research with blockchain we found that Fake/Flash BTC is there and it’s possible to get Volume transfer

to your any wallet address. Blockchain allows you to get a clone of any unconfirmed transaction. This is open source but we did some tricks

and made it possible.

Question 2: Does it require only Old version of blockchain or any specific Wallet.

Answer: No clone is available for any BTC wallet. You can directly get to your own BTC address.

Question 3: Is it possible to send any Wallet?

Answer: Once you cloned any transaction you can send it to any wallet on BTC. This had only one condition It gets transfer only 4 times.

Question 4: Can We sell to any Exchange?

Answer: No you can not sell to any exchange. You can only transfer to the wallet because the exchange checks the 6 confirmations. Clone gives you 4 confirmations with our Programming?

Question 5: Any Other Question?

Answer: Contact here with us direct.




Telegram: Contact @flasherbtcCreator