Erectile Dysfunction

by Vinod Raina
Published: May 10, 2022 (1 week ago)
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Erectile Dysfunction

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a common condition. Including self esteem. People suffering from this problem can have far-reaching consequences. Many people in India who are completely suffering from this problem are unable to get help due to shame and hesitation. Due to this reason, its cases are showing work in the government figures. We take complete care of it at our Safe Hands Clinic. And we are working to improve by reaching such people.

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Erectile Dysfunction Categories and Its Causes

There are many factors that contribute to erectile dysfunction. Including arteriogenic, venogenic, endocrinologic, neurologic, psychological, and medicinal. Vascular disease, such as hypertension, is a common cause that contributes to erectile dysfunction. As your blood pressure problem increases, so does your erectile dysfunction problem. However, in a diabetic patient, this problem increases with the degree of his glycemic control.

In the absence of illness, many men may complain of erectile dysfunction and will self-refer for assessment of erectile dysfunction. In these circumstances, ED may reveal the modest beginning of a variety of systemic disorders. Even if the particular nature of the aetiology is unknown, ED can be successfully treated.

Diagnostic Testing

Medical Management

Medical treatment for erectile dysfunction may be quite effective, and patients usually proceed from less invasive to more invasive treatments.

Without any pharmaceutical intervention, a vacuum erection gadget can provide a decent erection for sexual engagement. There are several oral drugs available to treat erectile dysfunction. There is also an intra-urethral agent and many medications that may be administered straight into the penis.


While revascularization of the penis may appear to be a viable therapeutic option, it is only available to a very tiny proportion of men with erectile dysfunction who match extremely specific requirements.

Surgery is not usually recommended as the first-line therapy for erectile dysfunction. It is, nevertheless, an alternative for patients who are unable to take oral, inject able, or intra-urethral therapy for erectile dysfunction. A penile prosthesis may be a suitable choice, but installation needs surgery under general and aesthesia.

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