BIGGEST EV CELEBRATION at Bangalore by Svitch

by Svitch Bike
Published: May 5, 2022 (3 weeks ago)
Bangalore Karnataka


The night is setting on Petrol/Diesel driven vehicles as the FOSSIL FUELS get harder to extract and less cost-effective to process, leading to a massive hike in Fuel Prices, but it’s always darkest before the dawn; ‘The Dawn of EVs’. EVs(Electric Vehicles) have been getting more and more significant with each passing year and people have been getting more and more aware of the importance and benefits of owning an EV and the fact that EVs are the future of commuting.


To celebrate this fact SVITCH Energy Pvt Ltd. is attending and showcasing their e-Bikes at the largest EV celebration event in South India (The EV Expo Green Energy Summit ‘22) in namma Bangalore @ BIEC (Bangalore International Exhibition Centre). Head to -> [Hall No: 1 Stall No: C7] to check out their fleet of flamboyant foldable e-bikes that ascends past the standard norms by being a product that exemplifies luxury, but at the same time being an “All Terrain e-Bike” that can be taken into uncharted territories. You will find 3 models: SVITCH XE, SVITCH XE+ and SVITCH MXE at their showcase along with SVITCH Merchandise and all the requisite bike accessories one needs to enhance their SVITCH experience. SVITCH Energy Pvt Ltd. has been ahead of the curve by being a forerunner in providing e-Bikes with swappable batteries  that completely reduces the hassle of charging up your e-Bicycle . If you are an EV fanatic or curious about the aspect of e-Vehicles  you should head to their stall and meet the CORE TEAM of SVITCH Energy Pvt Ltd. and they will aid you to go through the complete process. And if you are lucky enough you might also catch a glimpse of the upcoming e-Motorbike CSR 762 that will be the trendsetter in the EV segment.