7 Top Website Design Trends For The Year 2022 And Beyond

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7 Top Website Design Trends For The Year 2022 And Beyond

Website design is all about designing a site published on the internet. Certain vital web elements like content, navigation, visual design, etc are always the same. But there are website design trends that shape these factors every year. So it is important to keep yourself updated with these latest trends and use the same for designing your website to impress your target audiences.

Here in this blog, let’s check out the website designing trends to look for in 2022.

1) Sharing not telling

When you inspire people with your message, you basically draw their attention with visuals that surprise and engage. It is expected that in 2022, we will witness more background videos and animations on most websites for engaging visitors’ minds easily. In addition to that, adding gentle motion to your web page will decrease the bounce rate and will make visitors engage with your content.

Also adding micro-interactions and micro animations will help to make your website more interactive and lively. This will make the content on the website exclusive and noticeable and will make you stand out.

2) Illustrated Web Design

Replacing photography with illustrations is an emerging design trend these days. This is because illustrated images having smaller file sizes load quite faster than photography. Most web designers and developers will adapt this trend in 2022 because of Google’s continued push for faster loading time through its core web vitals page experience measurements.

Illustrations are also an amazing way for portraying the concept which can be sometimes quite difficult for a photo to convey. Websites that mainly focus on service and don’t have particular product images can actually benefit from illustrations that portray an idea.

In addition to all these advantages, a unique illustration can be an excellent way for capturing the user’s attention and imagination. These days many game websites are using bold yet simple illustrations for capturing the game’s feeling. Thus investing a lot of money and time on a high-quality original illustration, not a recycled one can benefit a website owner greatly.

3) Dark mode and low light web design trend

Some organizations are implementing the dark mode design on their website and we expect that these latest web design trends will continue to grow in the years to come. Dark mode and low light UI design provide its users a low contrast application or website that can be viewed comfortably in low light environments.

Many websites are using a light to dark mode switch placed on each web page that helps users to shift between light and dark modes as per their preference while scrolling through the web pages. We believe that the implementation of these dark mode toggle switches on websites will lead to a lot more black and white web designs in the year 2022 and beyond.

4) Monochromatic Web Design

Monochromatic Web Design is already very popular these days and we expect that this will gain much more popularity in the year 2022. Basically, this style creates a neat and clean, and simple appearance and makes elements containing color for grabbing the user’s attention.

If your company focuses on generating interaction with the help of an important call to action, then this design can be highly effective for you. Many top organizations are using monochromatic design to effectively create an attractive design that pushes users towards significant information and actions.

5) Interactive Web Design

Interactive website design has become quite popular these days and this user-experience animation trend will continue to grow in the year 2022 and beyond. This trend will be at the soul of responsive web designs in the year 2022. This is because nowadays users spend more time on websites that have interactive and responsive features. Unfortunately, this type of UX design trend can be really expensive and time-consuming. But we hope that more automated development processes will emerge in the future which will reduce the cost of creating unique and interactive features on websites.

There are many benefits of this kind of interactive website design, it is quite informative and visually appealing and will make users stay on your website for a longer time in turn increasing brand awareness. Make sure to explore great examples of user interactive designs that many organizations are creating.

6) Scroll triggered animations

Scroll Animations is one of the latest UX design trends that have become quite popular in recent years. This kind of web design displays visual design talent and front-end development skills.

In addition to that, scroll animation also helps to increase time on page and engagement. Many reputed organizations are now implementing this design for encouraging users to click across the page layouts for checking their service lines.

7) Typographic Hero Image

The first page of any website is the first portion that users interact with, so one should try to make it more interesting. Placing a hero image in this place can make a statement and grab the attention of the users quickly. In addition to that, they also offer an excellent showcase for interactive and creative lettering styles. Thus we can say that the typography-led hero images are one of the latest design trends for the year 2022 and beyond.

Conclusion: We hope that these details will help web designers as well as website owners to keep themselves upgraded with the knowledge of the upcoming web design trends in the year 2022. We encourage you to implement these website inspirations on your website in the year 2022 and make your business thrive exponentially. For getting the best outcome you can reach out to the top website design company providing top-quality website design services in India.

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